Frames to suit all budgets, faces & styles

We have a great collection of quality frames in all our practices, from well known luxury designer brands through to budget frames, there is a frame to suit all budgets, faces and styles.

Our qualified staff can help you choose the perfect frame & fit.

Prescription Lenses

Hoya, Essilor & CR Surfacing ( a local Victorian lens manufacturer) – we offer the best lenses on the market to ensure the best possible vision and durability.

Our prescription lenses can be customised. Talk to us about making them thinner and lighter, for a more natural look and to reduce marks on your nose. We also offer coatings for UV protection, to eliminate reflection, to protect against scratching and to provide smudge repellence. Transitions lenses are also available – they adjust automatically to suit light conditions.

Servicing your Glasses

Feel free to bring your glasses in for a service – we offer free maintenance, tightening & cleaning.

Nose pads are replaced for a charge.

See our Guarantee